Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blockbuster Invasion

Obviously every year there are the usual ones, many of them failures, some of them hits, and there are others that include critical success. But they are getting better; the new generation of Blockbusters is established. I guess we have to thank Christopher Nolan for it but then there are always the good old ones returning to their top form...
The curiosity is that contrary to the ordinary (or uneducated in cinema) audience member, like my brother for instance, I’m not a blockbuster person. He falls asleep after ten minutes watching The Tree of Life; he didn’t really give a fuck about it. Or Drive, he also thought it was incredibly boring, just really boring. I, unlike him, get really sleepy watching films like Fast and Furious, like Prince of Persia.
But what I mean by quality is a blockbuster that it’s not always obvious and shallow. For me Kick Ass is the perfect example. With its genre bases it’s also able to surprises us and get really exciting (I certainly wasn’t sleepy). Obviously there are always exceptions like this one. Because I’m not really saying that The Avengers will be another exception…the question relies really weather it gets sleepy or not!
All this to say I’m really excited to see some blockbusters this year!

Here are the ones I think I’ll not get sleepy.
There are many other versions you can look at (I mean teaser/trailers).
This is the one i'm really excited right now. Extremely. 
I'm a cliché, because who isn't?

This is another one. I'll see it very soon.

This one i'm not so crazy, but i'm definitely curious.
I'll do it for Charlize!

Goog god Eva. Good God.
I'll definitely do it for her.

Then there are stuff like this...

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