Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Abbie Cornish in Canada with dogs

First things first - All the pictures in this post are from Abbie's Facebook page. I hope she doesn't mind!

Canada I love you. This view is making Day 1 of the shoot tomorrow a whole lot easier. #KLONDIKE 
Day 1 - KLONDIKE. Horse riding and dog sledding lessons with Tim, Richard and Ron. Amazing. The trainers are incredible, as are the dogs. This series is going to be an adventure! So much fun already. #KLONDIKE
So it seems Abbie Cornish just started shooting her next project, it is called Klondike and all I know is that it is a TV mini-series…by the characters’ names from IMDB it seems it might take place in different time lines, time periods, this being said it might also be based on true events due also to what the name Klondike represents so I’m basically waiting for more info on this. All I know is that the shooting is on its way and it looks pretty interesting, so I thought of sharing.

Day 2 ~ #KLONDIKE. Richard saying good morning to Speedy. What a dog... Love him!!

Klondike will also be having actors like Richard Madden, Tim Roth, Sam Shepard, Tim Blake Nelson and Johnny Simmons participating. 

Day 2 ~ #KLONDIKE. Me and my boy Speedy.

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