Friday, April 26, 2013


Right through the middle of the first episode from Season 3 of Games of Thrones I remembered how often frustrating it is to watch this show. But then you have these moments. And without any shame, I confess this is ultimately the reason why I watch Games of Thrones. You may love the Games, you may love the intrigue, this is not just showing the human nature through the fantasy word and on and on…but for me, it comes to this, the evolution of a scared little innocent girl turning herself into a dignified home wrecker freeing of slaves…Even though I haven’t read any of the books, I know this story will grow, she will conquer and loose, and eventually maybe die, the author is still writing isn’t he? But it’s ok, because these five minutes are worth an entire season.

Don't you just love to hear "Dracarys"?

Sometimes watching justice being made in the fantasy world could be just what you need to finish your day. I’m glad I watch Game of Thrones.
*Also glad Emilia Clarke’s beautiful innocent big green eyes exist and that the creators of this show picked her (also I’m pretty sure I would like any other actor who would have played this role, because this is pretty much how this world works, right?), but anyway, love Emilia Clarke and she’s getting better and better in this role.

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