Friday, April 19, 2013


So I turn on the TV the other day and an episode of Masterchef Australia is on. It is first season and the competitors are on their way to the final. I don't mind watching because, first, SHIT look at the cake they're doing:

Can you see all those layers? Good god. Anyway, there's also Abbie .2 there:

I don't know which I would like to have more. Off course I know, what the hell, both would be great!
Coming to the end of the episode and Abbie, I mean, Justine is the one going out of the competition. Tears  sadness and more tears. In the farewell speech by one of the Judges, he says something like: "And thank you so much for being one of the brighter stars of this show."

This is not Abbie Cornish...just another Australian Bright Star.
I feel like watching the entire first season of Masterchef Australia just to watch Abbie .2.

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