Thursday, June 13, 2013

At least there is one

It seems like another pretty ordinary BBC film.
Naomi Watts easily, I mean, easily running for awards season, because think about it, if Meryl Streep wins with the biography of Thatcher, that poor film, so does this one. Or like Michelle Williams with Marilyn.
It's a pity that Naomi Watts and other actresses many times end up in these biographies, like Nicole Kidman is also in one this year, Grace of Monaco. Of course it's fine for them and a challenge, and fine for us, to see these biographies, but my only negativity is that sometimes it seems like one of the few, if not the last options they have, the roles they have to become protagonists of some sort.
I wished there were more female protagonists, including biographies, many biographies, inspired by real ladies, original storytelling. Whatever. As long as they're here for us to see. 
Like I say, at least there is one or two stories with female protagonists. If it wasn't for biographies, the other female protagonists of the year would be like, what, ten percent of the films released?

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