Thursday, June 27, 2013

Black Wednesday

I don’t know who named this past Wednesday as BLACKWINBLEDONWENESDAY – but they’re absolutely accurate. John McEnroe called “One of the all-time craziest days in Wimbledon history”. Here’s my response: WHAT’S HAPPENING?? I DON’T UNDERSTAND!!

A couple of weeks ago something extraordinary happened in the world of sports. It was so grand and emotional I had big tears crawling down my face. Rafael Nadal, by winning his eight Grand Slam title became the first tennis ever to win eight grand slam titles for the same Slam in the history of the sport, era open and otherwise. What Rafael Nadal did this year it’s something to look in the future, something to appreciate and take note of someone with an unbelievable relentless passion for competition and sweat. Every aspiring athlete should study him, get to know him and his capacity to fight.
Now with another Wimbledon edition, one was hoping a different tennis player to achieve the same performance, I mean for Roger Federer to win his eighth Wimbledon.

Wimbledon results: Nadal looses in the first round. Azarenka withdraws and so does Tsonga and Cilic and Isner. Hewitt looses to a cool Rastafari. Sharapova loses to a qualifier in the second round. But the bigger one - Roger Federer loses in the second round and suddenly this huge, I mean, STAGGERING record – the 36 quarter finals - is now forever stopped.  It was nine years – nine. He had not lost this earliest in a grand slam since 2003. First and foremost, this record is inconceivable. Can you imagine, this level of competition and no sickness, no injury ever stopped him from keep going year after year? I don’t think this record will ever be broken and obviously one day it would be stopped and that day was yesterday. I wouldn’t be sadder whether if he had lost against a number 116 or 12, I don’t care about that. What’s sad is the feeling that maybe, just maybe, things are starting to change for this king. And sooner or later, he will be playing less and less games, until the inevitable will happen. Now when that day comes it will be a huge black shadow. It hurts just the thought, worst than the loss from yesterday. I don’t doubt though that he will be playing for some good years, at least until the next Olympic Games, he loves tennis, oh if he does. And what else can we ask for? Watching Roger Federer playing is something exceptional, beautiful. It’s Federer and no one plays like him. No one. He’s the king. 


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