Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Hunt

Directed by Thomas Vinterberg, co-written with Tobias Lindholm.

Today is kid’s day. How about this film for a kid’s film? I think it’s appropriate.

This is quite a poignant story about a kid’s lie, a very inappropriate and controversial lie that could rack someone’s life forever. At the beginning of the film, this lie reminded me of The Children’s Hour, especially just how a kid’s lie can be taken so seriously and undoubtedly by adults. Like there’s not even a moment of second and third questioning. Obviously, the stories are very different, especially because the accusation isn’t about someone’s homosexuality but about someone’s child abuse. And because it’s twenty first century, the conflicts become greater and much more direct.

This story is a great study about not only a children’s imagination while growing up, the environment around her and how she uses it, but also about the adults’ way of dealing with these matters. It is especially interesting how someone is able to turn to the complete opposite side, how a parent and a family can be shattered by their children’s events. There are also good questions about the way we treat each other, how we are capable of marginalizing someone if a tight group of people, a community comes together and be devastatingly successful.
This is a subtle film, with its particular tone and consistent pace and vivid performances. It’s a really compelling film.

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