Monday, October 14, 2013

Blue is the Warmest Color - Volume III

Waiting for La Vie D'Adèle Chapitres 1&2

Le blue est une couleur chaude, the book. Here and here.

La Vie D'Adèle Chapitres 1&2, the film experience

Fighting the expectations, fighting what I wanted the film to be.
I had the worst experience I could have hoped for.
What was I looking for? I left the theater as mad and as confused as ever, what was wrong with me, I thought, "Am I a worthless mainstream sucker? Someone so detached from reality and so attached to conventionality of different kinds?” I thought I had destroyed the film. C’est la fucking vie, I thought.
Do I get movies at all? Do I know anything about them? How am I not feeling overwhelmed? I mean, I did realize I didn't had to love or like the film or that everyone had to, for that matter. Because I had such a bloody tedious day I thought it was my mental stability of the moment and the fact I didn't had subtitles, for all this I thought it was me, my own problems. As the days passed, I started to realize my panicking was based on denial. All the confusion, like how could this film have been awarded the Palme D’Or, and the excuses, mostly personal, were duo to the fact that I never considered the unthinkable possibility that I might not be overwhelmed by La Vie D’Adele. It actually did cross my mind one time.
I was outraged. It hurt, like I was betrayed. I don’t know for sure if I was the one betraying the film or that I was betrayed by it, maybe it is a reciprocal thing. But I know it still hurts and it will hurt for a long time.

When the film premiered in Cannes and the incredible arouse that the film was submitted to and throughout the next week the sudden controversy over it, one was absolutely expecting controversy over the last semester of the year. But one would never, ever expect the history that would be made. It's been simply too much. I've always felt from the moment I heard the Cannes’ Selection that it would be something exceptional but I would never imagine it would be this epic. The story it’s far from being over, though. Is it?

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