Saturday, October 5, 2013


Having subtitles is a great thing!

Today was a Québec day, with the actress Sophie Desmarais showing up in the screen at both opportunities. It was basically going round and walking back to the same place kind of day.

Sarah Préfère la Course
So it is safe to say that besides running, Sarah prefers girls too?
This film reminded me a bit of Water Lilies, thought they’re very different films, they’re both coming of age stories, quite minimalist but nonetheless meaningful, with two very timid, very introverted young female protagonists.
I like that the film focus solely on its protagonist journey. It is a very uncommon sports film. It is hard for me to explain why athletes go through their lives and all the pain for a sport they love. Is there a greater reason and is it explainable? It is something that is just part of their system, also like an addiction? I wonder about this so I was curious to see the filmmaker’s take on this in particular. I think she answers part of these questions by saying that they would die for the sport. The actress, Sophie Desmarais, is quite authentic playing this timid girl, really appreciated her. She’s another Canadian to look for.
So besides that first question, and then the athlete’s journey, I wonder what kind of she was inspired to this one. I’m also looking forward to know what the director’s next project is. I obviously didn’t ask any of these questions because I’m mostly stupid…and timid, like Sarah.

TheQuébec filmmaker Chloé Robichaud is now working on a story about a woman in politics, she is very interesting in women in power, and she’s hoping to shoot the film next year. Great!

Les Démantèlement
As though the story of the film may sound and look passive, it is still quite an accurate take on the circles of life and a parent’s nature of giving up everything for their sons and daughters.
It’s interesting that I would see a film with the exact same theme and yet so undeniably more affecting a couple of days later. And this one is pretty affecting already. I certainly wouldn’t demean it. But Child’s Pose is really something else.

Sophie Desmarais, Québec rising star.

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Gare du Nord
Sur le Chemin de L’école

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