Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fuck you Abdellatif Kechiche, Fuck You

I hate to come to this, I don't take any pleasure in insulting people and calling them names and telling to go fuck themselves, and especially because it doesn't make any difference, it won't change anything but it just came out of my mouth. 
Abdellatif Kechiche is a real jerk - by saying he would take the actress Léa Seydoux to court.
Like Jagernauth suggested on IndieWire, it is only denial you can be based on if you can't see how clear his persona is turning out with these continuing actions. The bullying in the set makes sense, but it's not only that, it goes beyond that.
He can say Láa Seydoux thanked him, he can say she cried in his arms - for fuck sake, it's a Palme D'Or, she's french, they had never given a Palme D'Or to an actress, let alone two, not that she thought of that at the moment, but God, I'm sure lot of people cried, from film critics to publicists, and they were not the winners, off course she would thank him. After what she had been through it must have felt like some sort of reward, at least this, they must have thought. Some sort of catharsis. But just because they won the Palme D'Or doesn't change what happened before, doesn't change the entire process she went through to make La Vie D'Adèle, it doesn't change the fact she gave everything for his film. She gave Abdellatif Kechiche pretty much everything she could have given. She and Adèle of course, made the film for him. Does he even realizes this? 
I think he's too obnoxious and self centered to realize that, and what gives, he's Abdellatif Kechiche and he can do whatever he wants. This is what I hate about some of these prominent directors, with a name in the business, from the moment they have this name and notability, is that they will say whatever they want, like all the shit they want, and they will still get away with it. The thing is that I see absolutely nothing, not even backlash on him. Can no one slow him down, actually insult him back? I don't know. I just think that this would be so fucking different if it was a woman's actions.
What is wrong with him? I really began to believe in the thoughts of Molly O'Connor about him, as this fearful man, with these great inferior complexes and he's only proving them with Léa. Of course non of this could have happened towards Adèle Exarchopoulos given that she's his darling, he was obsessed with her and he would never want to be mad at his young beautiful naive girl he wanted so much.
He's a douche, a delusional men, very capable as a liar and fuck if he doesn't become scary.

People should stand beyond Léa Seydoux.
Just so you remember, I believe Kechiche is taking her family's name for his advantage, he is using her name and her notable family's wealth to basically punish her to what to me feels like a totally personal issue. He just doesn't like her because she took and takes most of the spotlight from him. Among other things.
You can certainly see that she's not a dumb person and if things had to be said they were said and she had to said them. I'm sure she stands to what she said and she always will. 
Now I'm quite certain she will never work with him again.

Watch the movie and then make your own judgment.

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