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Day 6
Missed and want to see:
Les Grandes Ondes (à L’ouest)
Vic + Flo ont vu un ours
La Trendresse

Day 7

Cette Femme-là
In other words, I was making time for the next two films, Child’s Pose and Un Chateau en Italie.
Valérie Donzelli showed up in the film a couple of times, which I find curious, I inevitably reflected on the fact that a few years later she would direct and co-written this beautiful  and accomplished film, La Guerre est Déclarée. She’s also in another film in the fest.

Child’s Pose
This film surprised in ways beyond filmic. I was so touched by it.
I haven’t seen any footage from the film, I knew it was a family drama, but I thought it was one of those stories where the entire family gathers together and talk at the same time in a big clouded house. It was not the case.
Child’s Pose is about the relationship between mother and son and how the impact of an accident brings out an ultimate eruption in the relationship. The realism of the storytelling and of this mother is transcendent. The take the filmmaker represents through this mother in particular is so authentic, it is heartbreaking. This mother, you’re looking at this woman, at her concerned face, the way she treats her son as if he were a little enfant, the blindness,  then she can’t sleep as if she’s realizing what is to come between her and her son. There’s too much concern in her eyes, and the pain. She knows she’s losing her kid. And gradually, you become so connected to this woman. You begin reflecting her state, as you begin seeing so many other mothers like her. I begin to see my mother on the screen, making everything possible and beyond her reach for a son. Even blaming herself. If she could, she would even take the blame for the accident.
The final act is a transparent result of everything I’ve seen saying earlier. There are great moments in the film, but this final act is simply tremendous. This mother, she had to blame herself. To remember that this story revolves around snob people, rich people, the ones you look at and they seem heartless. This woman and ultimately the story go beyond the ideals of society standards because of being a story about this mother who will do everything for her kid, whether she should or not, whether her son deserves or not. You don’t even think about those facts at a certain point, though they’re always undeniably and accurately present. Her kid is the perfect example of a spoiled and ungrateful son. I don’t mean that they all are. But this one is bitter, disrespectful, and careless. This final act is really mind blowing, especially because it is this great reflection of the entire story, like this really good culmination point.
Oh and a necessary praise for the leading actress, she’s tremendous. You should see Child’s Pose. 

Un Château en Italie
It’s funny, goofy, a legit attempt at a touching dramedy, and as much as I love a good old French dramedy I believe this one stays stuck at the attempt. But people seemed to have a lot of fun. I heard a lot of broad laughs. And I did to. Especially when Céline Sallette walked in, I must have had this really ridiculous face smiling. I just melt with her. This is also pretty out of the point, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how much Carla Bruni looks like her mother.

Missed and want to see:

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