Sunday, February 9, 2014


I saw Blue is the Warmest Color for a second time and for some closure. It is pretty much how I remember it.

Here’s to a perfect case of how hype and expectations can destroy a film and its film experience. Though I don’t really think I’ve changed my mind.

It’s a love story. Though I know love isn’t simple, you could say Blue is a simplistic film. It’s about living, it’s about society. I can’t say what makes this film so great but rather Adèle and Léa make this film. It would be wrong to say what makes this film so great. And that’s the trick. The film has exceptional moments because of them. They are the ones that bring a few of the most heartbreaking, raw and passionate scenes I’ve ever seen. It’s like you can’t breathe like them, or you’re speechless like them, or you can identify completely with what they’re feeling at a particular moment. That’s what they do. If it wasn’t for them, the DP’s work, the production design, the co-stars, it wouldn’t probably have been the same. It’s all about them. So I still struggle whether to consider this film great or not mostly because it isn’t. This film had many unnecessary scenes, or too long scenes. For three hours, it could have said more. It is just beautiful disguised by the performances. And there are a few worth scenes. Like their first glance. Like when they meet for the first time. When they fight and break up and when they see each other again for some closure.

Blue is a simple film that lives breathes and moves by Adéle’s and Léa’s forces. That’s what Abdelatiff Kechiche brought out of them, whether skillfully or not, intentionally or not, consciously or not, for whatever he did and didn’t do, this film is exceptional on its performances and often beautiful scenery. You fall in love, you love, you struggle, you break up. Maybe you get back together maybe you don’t. Maybe you stay friends, maybe you don’t. And with every case, comes a different example.
Blue has the performances for the ages.

Bottom line – I have made a huge film, about this film. I need to learn how to not take films so seriously sometimes. I can say I am at peace with Blue.
Next obsession – Carol.

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