Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Other Films seen in January, Part I - Docs

Directed by Rick Rowley.
Written by David Riker and Jeremy Scahill.

Dirty Wars
It will never end.
I actually realized this a few years ago, which in itself is great because it means it is becoming clearer.
Dirty Wars tells us that the American war is an endless war and it also tells us that, well to me at least, like not only the war on terror will never end but more and more it feels like it will be an endless human slaughter. Therefore I should assume it will end until there are literally no more people to kill. But obviously, this is also pretty unlikely to happen.

Directed by Sebastian Junger.

Which Way is the Front Line Here? The Life and Times of Tim Hetheringhton
What a beautiful human being Tim was. He was kind to everyone, thoughtful and considerate. With this doc I have the good fortune to witness his work, his life and what an inspiring one.

Directed by Jacob Kornbluth.

Inequality for All
Docs are one of the most inspiring revelations about the world you can find.
This film is partly about making a difference and it’s about one man that actually does. Or I believe he does.
If you like to be taught, if you like to learn and get inspired by what you learn than this is quite a really nice option. Robert Reich gives us an inside look at the American economy, which translates to the rest of the world, I would say. Not only he explains the gap, but he also brings optimism, he brings understanding and resolutions. In resume, it’s up to us. He is quite heartfelt and he brings the humanity in the numbers. And then it becomes quite inspiring. 

Written and directed by Zachary Heinzerling.

Cutie and the Boxer
It is such a painfully realistic portrait of an immigrant Japanese couple - they’re artists living in New York. They don’t sell; therefore they’re poor, off course. But it is more than being an artist in New York, it’s about relationships. And theirs is pretty heartbreaking too.

Off topic - pretty unfair this film was nominated for the Oscar over Stories We Tell!!!

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