Sunday, February 2, 2014


Please, please, please, stop it.
Stop with the question "But will it hurt her Oscar chances?" I know it is the job of most of Oscar pundits, but please stop. Don't even start with it, actually. It's absolutely off the point right now. It's freaking me out.

One thing is a family conflict, a big one. Something so large, fragile, difficult, and delicate that to be between a 'regular' family or a 'famous' family must all be the same pain, though adding the fact that the 'famous' creates other lines of conflict. Like watching your abuser on posters, on the Time Magazine, being celebrated. Then the attention - attention that comes from many sides and with a great number of questions to be asked about the questions alone - about what questions ask, what questions not to ask, or how to approach it, which is probably the question. How to approach it.
Is it a believe or not believe, who to defend or how to defend - No, these are not the questions either, I think.

The thing about the internet, is that makes people be entitled of an opinion about everything. And I think this can be quite irritating and wrong.

I don't know but you probably start realizing I am speaking about the Open letter Dylan Farrow wrote about her childhood and sexual assaults she suffered from her father, Woody Allen.
You can read it it here.

I've read it.
I think, mostly, with this letter, she evokes some kind of internal debate within us. Also for some kind of closure.
To another extent, she calls on American society (and possibly every other society) to take a moment to consider how sexual assault survivors' stories are taken upon society and law.
Then finally, she asks what's our favorite Woody Allen film.

Should we hate his films?
Should we not watch them?
How hard is it for you or for you to separate the film and the person who makes the film? The art and the artist? Do you even separate both?
I don't have a strong formed opinion about this, but I can read the debates.

Right now I do feel one thing quite clear - I feel pretty sick about him and even his films.

But then there's another thing - which is movies. Movies! Actresses. Cate Blanchett.
Ok, Cate Blanchett. It's so unfortunate for her, and OK, any other actor for that matter, to be in this position, because she has nothing to do with this. Nothing. Unless you believe actors shouldn't accept working with Woody Allen in the first place. But still, she's an actress in a movie. Of course actors have an opinion, but my point is that I think it is ridiculous to be talking about OSCARS CHANCES when there's a bigger and quite delicate matter that is way beside the point "Oscars" and film business. You know?
So this is why I'm freaking out, because it's awards season, and it happens that Cate Blanchett is in it with a Woody Allen film.
So, the question freaks me out. Stop it, stop with the question if the Allen-Farrow controversy will hurt her Oscar chances. Yikes.

Why not? Let's do this:
Do you really think so? He did just got a nomination for Blue Jasmine. He has been nominated one hundred times more over the past thirty years, so has been his actresses. The most recent Academy Award winning Actress was in this very decade. So, please, one last time, do you really think it will hurt her chances? 
And now quoting Jared Leto, "...only in America."

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