Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wikileaks and Fifth Estates

The Fifth Estate
It is entertaining but it is hard to live up to the utterly tremendous and grand story behind Wikileaks. I would suggest if you want to know the truth, or ‘someone else’s version’, to watch Alex Gibney’s doc “We Steal Secrets – The Story of Wikileaks”.

I don’t really understand why this film was so bad received, and was a huge flop. Partly it is because this guy, Julian Assange is quite unlikable, for sure. And weird. Way more complex than what he appears to be in this film, I think. But I also think the film is an acceptable and entertaining one. Maybe it is because I had already seen the doc I talked about, maybe not. So anyway, I would not waste time with The Fifth Estate and just jump to the doc.

By Alex Gibney.

We Steal Secrets – The Story of Wikileaks
I had to watch this documentary again. When I first saw it, my thoughts were basically that I am an ant in this crazy unreachable world, like I am the most oblivious of the species, I am in that box. There’s too much out there. My thoughts now are pretty much the same – all I seem to know is that the world that I’m surrounded goes way beyond my depths. And then it is personal, it becomes personal. It is a personal battle.
We Steal Secrets is to me quite truthful, and then quite tragic.

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