Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cannes Days - Carol Edition

Talking about Cate Blanchett!
Carol is being bought right now at Cannes. And I think it's going 'well', as I read there's some chaos going on...
I read the script, by the way.

Carol and Therese are both attending the Cannes Film Festival...

About the script -
I am quite pleased with the reading of Carol’s script.
I believe it is quite faithful in its essence and especially convincing and poignant in the lines added in this adaptation to the screen. There are plenty of faithful moments to the book; there are plenty of words these characters say that will take you immediately to the book. But the most important thing to me, even if there were none of those moments, is that the script represents a woman, actually two women, who stand for themselves, two women who were clearly beyond their time. Even for today. Two women that quite soberly fight for what they believe and want out of life and who are bold enough to be who they are. And by showing this, the script becomes immediately successful in its adaptation, because Patricia Highsmith book to me is all about that, a book beyond its time.

And really, besides being brave women, they’re decent great women.


  1. Is that epic book ending still in the script? :)

    1. The big question!
      Again, I will say this - I guess you will be pleased. ;)

      P.S. Who knows really? They might as well change a lot of things in the editing room...

    2. Then I hope they don't change that in the editing room! and just one more question, from the draft you read, do you think it's possible for this film to get some award traction in the future? Cate and Rooney?

    3. That is a good point. I think one of the most crucial aspects we should look forward is really their performances.
      I believe Cate and Rooney will sort of bring out the script's potential, they'll bring the light and power to the script!

    4. Reaction from the footage shown at Cannes has been positive! I'm a big fan of the book and of Rooney and Cate as well so hopefully this film turns out being fantastic. Oh and I know I said before that was going to be the last question but I totally forgot about this one: is the script more centered on Carol's side? I mean, do we get to see her side of the story more than Therese's or is it equal?

      And that's it. I just can't really wait for this film! haha

    5. I haven't heard much about actual footage. Hope to hear more words.
      I love the book, it's a favorite of mine, and I think the script is faithful....even though I believe the story it's a poignant story on its own. Which is obviously good.
      I think I kind of answered your question earlier, by saying the film is quite faithful to the book. Overall, I think the storytelling is good and you'll be pleased.

    6. Thank you! :)