Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cannes Days

Back and Forth in time
A film by Katell Quillévéré.

It was precisely a year ago Suzanne opened La Semaine da la Critique at Cannes. I finally saw it, and dare to say, it is one of the most touching and moving films I've seen this year.
There's something about the way Katell tells this story, so seemingly ordinary, but so heavily poignant. I think it's the way she portraits this family, the way she takes common men and women and ever so slightly we are truly connected to them. We are presented to this working class family, a single father and his two young beautiful daughters. Then they grow up. Then life happens, Suzanne gets pregnant, her sister Maria goes to work and on and on we find ourselves weeping and rooting for the goodness of these human beings. At the end, what this film is is a human film. 

My big cry of the year.

At this year's Cannes

Les Combattants
Directors' Fortnight.
Here's the trailer.

Les Combattants is another positive looking film from my favorite Adèle. From the look of the trailer, and from the positive reviews, it seems to be an uncommon representation at teenage romance, and at gender roles. And there's an overall praise for out protagonists. Variety's Peter Debruge even says, "Haenel comes across as tough enough to win “The Hunger Games” out from under Jennifer Lawrence".

Adèle Haenel attends the premiere of her film Les Combattants.

A reminder from Day 2 - This Press Conference for the film Timbuktu is remarkable. It feels like an utter master class from Adberrahmane Sissako.

"There's a complex side to each human being."

Another minor film, another failing biopic - Saint Laurent.

White God, Un Certain Regard.
The film where dogs take over.
I can't wait to look at that scene with more than one hundred dogs running alongside men and women...

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