Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cannes Days

Here we are, into Day 8.

Why so serious Steve? Overwhelmed by the fest? Probably.

It seems we have strong contenders now, for the Acting Award. Stevel Carell hits a career high playing an eccentric and dark person in Foxcatcher, but his co-stars are really good as well. Besides the Cannes' Acting Award, there is some strong Oscar chances around the clock for these actors. I believe Steve Carell is a strong contender. Steve Carrell’s performance will certainly be talked about. This isn’t surprising news.  This is the typical chance and role for an actor best known for his comedian ways. Oscar Contender, more like Oscar winner man.

In Bennett Miller I trust. 

A bunch of guys...and Megan Ellison.

Still the Water, another strong Palme D'Or contender premiered today. The reception isn't necessarily  one hundred percent over the moon about it. I think there are some minor issues, but what I ear is that it is an over all beautiful film, in terms of cinematography and direction. A strong contender for the Camera D'Or, so let's wait and see. If she wins, I hope people won't mention the agenda issues of the moment. Because even though it might be a tough chance, given that it's really a couple of female directors against the rest of the competition, let's not forget this is purely about the films the jury is being presented with...

Many questions at the Press Conference were to the big star of the room, Miss Cotillard. 
Off course.
Deux Jours, une nuit
Another strong film from the Dardenne brothers. Even though most of the talk about this film starts with the fact that they're able to bring something meaningful, within their exact same frame of work and theme. Well, for me, I believe it is good enough. I loved A Kid with a Bike, even though some experts believed to be not enough, or too simplistic. Let's wait and see. From what I'm getting, I believe it will be pretty much like A Kid with a Bike, for example...

Ryan Gosling looking pretty anxious, I definitely think he looks nervous. I would be too. His film Lost River is having some typical mixed reviews.

Some other films under my radar as of today. 
Tu Dors Nicole
Another successful coming of age film, this time from Canada and it’s black and white.

Where Animals Dream
The film is having good reviews, and it has been successful already, given that before Cannes it was already being sold overseas, like TWC – Dimension having the US rights.

I can’t wait to watch this film. It sounds so interesting and alive.
Director Tony Gatlif tells us a story of youth and cultures’ collisions, where he follows a teacher through the Summer who tries to prevent bad things from happening to a young Turkish girl who runs from her family because she doesn’t want to marry one of her cousins. I love the ideas of this film. What tries to convey. I’m looking forward.
Geronimo is the nickname the youth gives to their teacher, played by Céline Sallette. The director actually thought of a man for the role but then he adapted to a woman once he met with Céline. This is a really strong performance by the look of the trailer. I can easily see some awards attention, like her very own César.

Here's the director Tony Gatlif 's thoughts on how has the world changed over the past forty years:
I think it's getting worse and worse. I am permanently outraged by what I see going on. Here I'm telling the story of a young woman threatened by her brothers because she didn't want to marry one of her cousins… There are stories like that all over the world, and portraying them is one way of denouncing them.

And I think these words and the film itself are one of the main themes of this year's Cannes Film Festival edition. It seems like a reflection of the times. And this is what I find so beautiful about film.

Buddies Céline Sallette and Adèle Haenel before going through the red carpet of Deux Jours, une nuit.
What a huge mess...I had forgot about it.

By Michel Hazanavicius.

Looking really good to me, just by watching the trailer.

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