Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cannes Days

Back and Forth in time

Today I've watched The Immigrant, the James Gray film that also premiered at Cannes a year ago.
This is one of those films that feels like are made in another period, and I don't mean because it is a period piece, the story taking place in 1921 New York, it is because of the way it is shot. The cinematography, the detail in the board, or the frame you're looking at the screen, it is pretty impressive, poignant and masterful. 
This is a film that touches immigration, that touches family relations. A film that shows us that there's never just good or evil, but some some sort of in between of those. And also a story that touches women's society standards, or in other words, the gender's burden, how harder it is for a woman. Men thought, and some still do, that women are their property. They have the word on what they do or don't do. With The Immigrant, we can see we come a long way with the immigration status and with the women's issues, but at the same time, I think it is also accurate to say that some things never change. And unfortunately, Ewa's (Marion Cotillard) story still happens today. 
Unique film.

Today at Cannes

I feel the need to post these pictures because just look, look who is standing before us, queens in suits, Cate Blanchett and Emily Blunt, pairing together for some photo shoot. Only if it was a film. I wish it was a film. I wish they'll make a film together, soon. Please and thank you.
And yes, Cate Blanchett is still rocking the Cannes' coast. 

Italian women.
Monica Bellucci and sisters Alice Rohrwacher, the Director, and her sister, Alba Rohrwacher, the actress.
The Wonders, In Competition.

Viggo Mortensen in another international fillm and his Argentinian director Lisandro Alonso.
Jauja, Un Certain Regard.

The Homesman, In Competition.
The film that everyone thinks is...kind of weird...but kind of...good.

Robert Pattinson, looking good. What the hell, he's quite the good looking fella.
The Rover. By the Australian David Michôd.
I'm not entirely sure if this film is ok or really a miss shot. I'm sensing is the latter.
Well, hit or miss, he will have another chance tomorrow with another film, the new Cronenberg "art". I already hear raves about it. Seems like this one will be a hit.

This film appears to be making people differ a lot. Some are utterly enchanted by the romance, impressed by the tour de force performances by Jessica Chastaina and James McAvoy, and some can't really connect with it. 
Well, this is usually how it works, actually!
The Disappearence of Eleanor Rigby: Them.

This is a film that people seem quite pleased about.
Depardieu is actually an actor who works and works well, apparently...who seems to be able to stand on his feet despite all the crisis in his personal life.
Welcome to New York, by Abel Ferrara.

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