Monday, August 15, 2011

3 Animated Films


Waltz with Bashir

Grave of the Fireflies

I nominate these three animated features the most fascinating films I’ve seen lately and they all have a few things in common. 

They are dramas based on biographical events. 

They deal with war - ‘Persepolis’ deals with the Iranian Revolution of 1979; ‘Waltz with Bashir’ the 1982 Invasion of Lebanon by Israel forces; ‘Grave of the Fireflies' is set on the Japanese side of World War II.

They are three animated films dealing with this matter in particular – the effect on people.  They all base their stories in an emotional portrait about growing up, about the impact of wars and conflicts and dependency.
They are twenty years apart, from different continents but indeed with significant things in common.

The bottom line is - stories make us feel, no matter in what form they come. I’m not going to be numbering the different ways these three films are great, I’m not going to talk about the technicalities cause who gives a shit, really? (Taking the fact that shots make the story happen, the close shots makes us feel in a way and the colors in a different way and the soundtrack also helps...but excluding that!!) That’s for critics and people who want to make films. I’m doing this simple thing here, nominating three films I was fascinated by the admiring stories and perhaps you could get curious and might take a look at, I know they don't feature your favorite stars but I'm sure you wouldn't regret it.

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