Friday, August 19, 2011

Fans taking over

Are fans really taking a step forward?

The first thing is, they are and always were an influence in a particular part of the Show Business. Like the Star Wars fans were the principal reason for the sequels and prequels and all the franchising. But this is common sense.
As we enter Twenty First Century other examples appear like ‘Snakes on a Plane’, where some scenes were re-shot due to the massive fan interest. Ok, this is cinema and it is an example that supports my view on the subject – an entertaining and admirable piece needs a voice, one unique voice (Diablo Cody, Miranda July), not voices…

'Me and You and Everybody We Know'

The matter in Television has to be interpreted differently. Characters grow in a different way and storylines can basically go anywhere. Though, to be good there’s got to be consistency.

'The Good Wife'

I don’t like when suddenly the sister, who’s been away all that time, appears or the mother appearing after seven seasons and has cancer. Glee it’s a very recent example on how fans played a huge part on this show, specifically speaking - the characters of Brittany and Santana; their storyline clearly grow due to the popularity they had around the web, and I guess it can’t be denied.

Santana and Brittany

I came along this subject because of ‘Rizzoli and Isles’ to be true. The main thing about the show is just the ‘gags’, really! I saw the first season and I truly enjoyed. Facing the facts here – it isn’t a great series. The main thing about it is just that gags come across everything (to the point we don’t really pay attention to the victims or who the murderer is, we just want to laugh at what Dr Isles will say and Detective Rizzoli facial reactions will be). 

There’s also the part about not being true to the novels (didn’t read it, and the last time I knew it is ‘inspired’); that Angie Harmon character is exactly like in other detective series; guess what, I never saw any work by Harmon neither knew her. The thing is gags are too good to pass. The chemistry between the protagonists is too good to past.

Ok, where was I? Oh, the chemistry… chemistry as in like Brad and Angelina in ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ (ok, probably not the best choice because they got together and now have six kids, but they really had an amusing chemistry) or Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush in ‘The King’s Speech’. But no, it’s actually Lesbian subtext and I guess the series is pretty known for that too. Let me just say I watch the show for everything but this and I don't wanna take this on a negative way. It all started in the pilot you know, "Are we having a sleepover, or is this your way saying you're attracted to me?" To join this there's also an episode called "I Kissed a Girl". I understand gay stuff on show business or in prime time is rare, so something like this amusing chemistry comes along there’s hullabaloo. Result – popularity around the web.

Season 2 - popularity has grown so much. Result:
Episode three – it was a love letter to the fans. It was really funny that final scene but at the same time… weird. It was like ‘they are really throwing (in a positive way) this back at us’, a message saying ‘you are heard’, really, so strange. I mean, each episode there’s some sort of rewarding moment.

They got carried away by the subtext, clearly. So I guess they (as in the fans) indeed took over Rizzoli and Isles, at least an indirect part! Anyway! TNT renewed the series for a third season.

And I think I'm just going to stop noticing the fans' perspective, dah...

This is how I look when I watch 'Rizzoli and Isles', I love it, it's so goofy!

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