Monday, August 29, 2011

Aimée and Jaguar

What do I think about this film, let me see…I can’t believe it’s a story based on true facts. It’s the first thing that comes to my mind, too romantic, in a sense. I mean, it’s understandably legitimate. There are endless stories ready to be told, so why not this one in particular? Why not? Maybe I don’t believe it because I’m too conservative and I’m not yet open and aware that there always been women who were in love with other women.
We are in Berlin in the middle of the Second World War, between 1943 and 1944. The scenario is of dark terror where jets and planes cross the skies turning its color a dark orange. People try to live their lives; some under imminent danger and some of careless clueless.
Felice is a Jewish woman living under a false name who belongs to an underground organization. One of her friend’s boss is Lily. Felice finds Lily to be a very charming woman, creating a strong attractiveness towards her. Felice meets Lily through their friend in common in a party where Lily tries to connect with a sergeant she’s being unfaithful with. From this moment they begin communicating with each other and suddenly an unusual and yet undeniable love starts between the two. But this relationship is far from being adequate and easy. Lily has a husband and four children and Felice is being persecuted by Gestapo, which she doesn’t know.
This love takes its crucial point when Felice has to decide to whether stay with Lily or flee with her friends having a bigger chance of surviving the war. Lily dies of despair if Felice goes, but if Felice stays her surviving changes are threatened to the bone.

Felice and Lily

Lily played by Julian Kholer and Felice played by Maria Shneider are two tremendous forces. Julia Kholer brings her theatrical performance making Lily the most emotionally explosive woman in the film; she’s funny, she’s energetic, she’s cold and hurtful all at the same time; she’s so elegant and beautiful.
Maria Snheider brings the coolest character to the screen. She plays a courageous woman. Felice is someone strong and tough, calculative in every aspect, almost heartless but then Lily came and she would turn into someone fragile and vulnerable; it’s beautiful to watch!
Aimée and Jaguar brings the relentless question – what if.  What if Felice would flee? Would they never meet again, would it be the same? We can’t ask these questions I suppose, because it was simply the choice made, it was that choice and not the others. This also brings the word destiny. For me it’s about letting go and acceptance and forgiveness.
The story tells us about a choice in life. At the end, through Alice, it tells us how this woman wanted the moment. The now. Everything in life should resume to that; just live the moment, the precious now.
Despite my conservatism I was touched by this story; Aimée and Jafuar it’s a film to be seen again and again. 

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