Friday, August 26, 2011

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Praising a Character – Alice Pieszecki by Leisha Hailey

In a series full of women, literally speaking, I would confess that Alice P. was one of the reasons why L Word was worth seeing (even including Bette and Tina or Shane). It got to this point, I mean, from episode one it became a love/hate thing. We can’t help but hate them and at the same time stop watching. Basically I hated the show but I watched it!
Alice P. was absolutely hilarious and genuinely into women. The great thing about Alice/Leisha is that she wasn’t really written out so I guess Leisha just invented herself into this character and she was great not only because she was hilarious but because she was often hilarious, she was often Alice Pieszecki and that mattered too.
Well, we all know something went really wrong with the show and it should have been something else; better stories told . We understand they wanted to tell it all but they messed up fast and bad, at one point it was all bullshit.
I would laugh like crazy with Alice; she was really worth the wasted time! She’s such a treasure.

Great improviser and great musician! 

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