Saturday, December 10, 2011

Albert Nobbs

Directed by Rodrigo Garcia.
Written by Glenn Close, John Ban ville and Grabiella Prekop.

The story about this film started a long time ago and it started with Glenn Close about thirty years ago. She did the play and since then she felt the need of adapting it to the big screen. She started working on the production ten years ago, then again time passed. Five years ago she started working in the script and this year, finally, she gets to premier her so called beloved film.
The story is set in Ireland in the 19th Century in a Hotel, his workers and his guests. Albert Nobbs is a woman passing as a man; he lives this very controlled life until a painter called Hubert comes along and finds out about his secret. Suddenly he finds himself exposed, but something else happens, he's a woman. Albert realizes, through Hubert, how closed and trapped he is and how he can change that condition.
I was surprised with the comic timing of this film, suddenly I find myself laughing in the middle of it. For instance, the scene when Hubert, played by Janet Mcteer, reveals herself, literally, to Albert. It is a pleasant film and yes, I confess Glenn Close' performance is extremely touching. There’s also Oscar talk around Janet Mcteer for a supporting role, which makes sense because her character is the ideal representation of the sentence ‘supporting actor’, because she’s there to support the protagonist, she’s the one responsible for Albert Nobbs strength to change his life, so yes it makes sense. But the other supporting roles are good too. This film was also a great effort because only coasted 8 million, which is really surprising for a period film.

Resuming this film’s story, this is, as everyone says, including Glenn Close, her labor of love and life time performance. In my opinion, I honestly disagree with all the hype around her. Yes, she does an amazing portrait. She searched and studied Albert Nobbs deeply. From Charlie Chaplin inspired looks to the way he moved. The way Albert Nobbs talks, expresses his feelings, his voice. The way she used and wear the prosthetics and make up. Albert Nobbs is a rich character and it was clearly extremely dear to her. But the thing is, Glenn Close, like Meryl Streep, is one of the most solid and respectful actresses of Hollywood and I’m sure she can manage to bring even greater performances in the future. They are here and they still have a lot of life and experience to bring into a performance. Look at Christopher Plummer and Vanessa Redgrave. It is amazing that they receive recognition but I don’t think they need Oscars.

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