Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jolie's In the Land of Blood and Honey

These days we have Jolie who gives interviews about her film but always ends up focusing on her famous face, famous children, famous husband. I was hoping it changed a bit and it is. I read about her Press Conference being a truly inspiring one, rocking the world of feminist women making their day dream come true. She's also coming in The Hollywood Reporter issue about Female Directors.

Now Angelina Jolie's film will be receiving the Stanley Kramer Award from Producers Guild which was created to "honor a motion picture, producer or other individual, whose achievement or contribution illuminates provocative social issues in an accessible and elevating fashion." It couldn't be more appropriate. It equals Angelina Jolie's work. It's what she did in her film and it's what she does on a regular bases. 
I absolutely trust her story; she knows what she's saying because she gets to people and talks to them, she interviewed them. Her actors were part of that story too. And the fact that she directed a War film in 41 days with no rehearsals it's incredible. 
I hope her film gets praise from critics to the audience and to anyone else. I'm counting the days until I'm watching her film in theaters and I hope lot of people are in the same position. 

She's Angelina Jolie, of all the people, why would she need me campaigning for her debut film? This is part of the reason why. She's Angelina Jolie. People forget about what's beyond that. I like to remind people she's this human being who grew up to be this special woman with privileges and decided to learn more about the world around her. She also has the capacity to reach millions of people and tell them the stories she learns. (She could just decide stay at home and buy jewels as a hobby, but no she goes to refugee camps, makes films and buys the jewels.)
I can say I'm still that genuine girl completely in a state of admiration for her. 

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