Sunday, December 18, 2011


I love his hair. What else can I say? 

I don’t know any other person (maybe David Beckham) who can have absolutely any hair style and always look extremely good. Other thing I could mention is the fact that he’s also able to be the most famous Star around the World, no, maybe second, being his lover in first place, being constantly named hottest man alive and other sentences related to it and still manage to bring this heartbreaking-hilarious-magnificent-beautiful-stupid-crazy roles into life and working with the best in the field, from David Fincher to Terrence Malick. 

It’s so ridiculous but I remember the first time I had internet in my house I went to Google, clicked Images and typed in my keyboards Brad Pitt. That’s the first thing I did. I don’t even know why, I just wrote Brad Pitt. I don’t remember if he was my favorite actor, I don’t even remember if I had seen many films with him in. It just was Brad Pitt. Something I didn’t know was that I would be watching him in theaters many times only for being absolutely amazed by his performances and incredible films they turn out to be. This also explains how I got into films and my film culture until a few days ago. No, I wasn’t looking for the composition of the image and how the lights were being used. I clearly don’t have any interest in being a cinematographer, I looked at the actors. See, there you go. I confessed. Now you know everything. Ahhhh.

Brad Pitt, despite his looks, manages to have this unbelievable career with acclaimed films like Fight Club, Inglorious Basterds and Babel to period pieces like Troy to Ocean’s Saga to a romantic comedy like The Mexican and back to a Palm D’Or winner The Tree of Life. 
So let him be a lesson to all the kids out there - it doesn’t matter how handsome you look (you’ll never be has handsome has Brad Pitt) all it really matters is your integrity and attitude towards your work. And that’s what you should learn from the actor Brad Pitt, that you need to have a brainy and strong head to distinguish what’s real and what’s not and to deal with the Hollywood crap (which includes being named Sexiest Man Alive, tabloids and paparazzi, girls, old ladies and men screaming at you like there’s no tomorrow and journalists with irrelevant and private questions), and still manage to have a life (I forgot to mention that he also has six children and does charity work) at the same time that you decide on a challenging role.

Anyway, what am I talking about? Yes, being nice to other people even if you are the biggest star. Oh, I wasn’t talking about that? I got lost. 
After all this years since I Google him, here he is with a Golden Globe nomination ahead to an Oscar nomination, in other words, being recognized by his job
Ok, I say it. He’s a legend, in other words, a rarity.

He’s 48 years old. It’s ridiculous. 

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