Sunday, February 5, 2012


Amber Heard, The Rum Diary.

Amber Heard plays The Girl, that character I dislike the most. I mean, we can’t like or dislike because there’s nothing to like about them. There is no soul. Weirdly, she stayed in my mind - here’s why they cast Amber Heard. The sad thing is, she easily reads hundreds of characters exactly like this one. Like Abbie Cornish in Limitless. Like Olivia Wild in The Switch and hundred more. There are female leading roles, but just not enough. I’m not even necessarily focusing on the female side, because these roles also apply to men. But it’s just not as often and substantial. You can’t argue for being a secondary character. See any film by Robert Altman and you’ll see how he manages to characterize each one of his at least ten characters. 

With Amber heard you can’t tell if she’s intelligent or funny. You can’t tell anything about her intentions. You only gather she’s using her exterior appealing to move over obstacles but obviously she’s not happy about it. The Rum Diary itself is soulless, so it doesn't help. 

In other words, Leslie Knope, much better than me, resumes it all in these words.

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