Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Slowly returning to normality, it’s hard to distance myself from the previous couple of days. So I hope this post helps me!

Still a fact – no one resisted to this win. It’s unanimous; everyone loves Meryl Streep, even the ones, like me, supporting Viola Davis. No one resists a good Meryl speech.
I just hope Viola Davis gets good roles, only she knows how hard it is to find a well written character for a black 40 year old actress in Hollywood.

A few things I finally interiorized with the Oscars.
If you really want your film to win an Oscar (especially if you’re an outsider) – Talk to and befriend Harvey Weinstien.
If you’re an actress, don’t ever get your hopes high – unless Meryl Streep is doing a romantic comedy that will probably not get an Oscar nod, only a Golden Globe. If Harvey Weinstien is behind this comedy, then forget it.
If you’re a black actor act the same way but think even lower, or choose instead the good supporting role because it’s more likely to succeed, because it’s really one thing or the other. Never happened before, so.
Considering already the fame attached, if an actor plays someone the opposite from him, I don’t know, let’s say that he is a womanizer, he plays a faithful husband dealing with the grief and forgiveness to the unfaithful wife. If he’s kind of a bully, play a wonderful gay. If beauty is one of their treats, get a prosthetic nose or get really fat or something, someone with undecipherable emotions and it gets pretty easy to see how they “transformed” into someone else and it will easily get them there.
Finally, always think that the people voting for your film are really old white Hollywood veterans (males) that enjoy a good Hollywood film.

I propose this challenge to myself from now on – don’t read and don’t listen to the majority of Oscar Talk. And especially don’t care.
Never use words such as deserve and fairness.
And become sort of autistic when the ceremony starts. Erase everything out of my mind. Like when I watched Sucker Punch (it was the only way). And I’ll be just fine. Because I tell you, honestly, I will keep watching it. I'm sure it will be awesome.

Also a good tip, I guess, if you want to – the morning after the Oscars watch a good film like Take Shelter or Like Crazy, or in others words, a good indie film. It will make you feel so much better and give you this film sobriety. And this is the most important part, you don’t want to go to the internet because you’re very likely to see Oscar statues and everything related to it and it will make you want to throw up.

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