Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lizzy Break

I’m naming Lizzy Caplan one of this year’s Breakout Stars. She’s my Breakout Star, no doubt about that.  After Sundance everyone got a bit crazy for her, and I say - finally.
It’s natural that when you look at her you think of Mean Girls. Right, she was actually the most interesting character to me, maybe because she was the stronger. And you got to love her attitude. She looks so cool. I’ve been unconsciously looking out for her ever since Mean Girls. And now I’m consciously having a huge crush on her.
She’s in Cloverfield, which is enjoyable and many other participations in tv series. But the thing is, there aren’t enough roles. I feel like watching one hundred films with her, so it’s hard. People have to start giving her leading roles already. Thank god she’s in New Girl. She also scored a leading role in a TV project called 'Masters of Sex'.

So, we have another B movie, called  Bachelorette.

And we have Save the Date. Which are two very different approaches towards a similiar theme.

Meanwhile you can watch her being cool. – Home for Actresses.

A Short film she produced, called Successful Alcoholics.

Watch out, because she's getting stronger.

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