Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Season - The Night

Oh god, I can’t believe it’s over! MERYLLLLLL YES!
I don’t even know what to say! It was as usual boring, god if they push the classy classy to this one, I guess every time I watch Oscars I have to see Jaws. It’s incredible! But it’s over and over and the discussions and predictions are finally over!

About the Show – From the beginning of the show I wanted the host to shut his mouth. And along the way all I could think of was ‘BRING ME BACK HUGH JACKMAN’. And then the circus (I appreciate the effort), but common I was watching the freaking Oscars or the Circus?! You know what I would love, that they cut half the bullshit and let the presenters present and the speeches be said with time. Common, they’re the real artists; they’re the geniuses that make us dream in a dark room.
(Hey, and we still want to watch films in a theater, really! We’re maybe just not going to do it that often because WE DON’T HAVE MONEY these days…)

By the way great moments between the presenters. The big winner was EMMA STONE. God, she was a natural…and hilarious! It was her first time presenting an award. She should have presented the rest of the fucking show!

SORRY my beautiful Angelina (I love you) but that pose, really? Was that really necessary?! Anyway…love you! But seriously…

Robert Downey Jr. - what a fucking performer! And the actress playing a bitch…really authentic.

From Bridesmaids girls (they really rocked this year and the past!) to Sandra Bullock speaking a foreign language (whatever that was); they were cool.

Ironically, probably the characters I most despise in these areas. Why the fuck are these people invited to this show? Surely there are a lot of different people in this place….

You want to see an authentic surprised reaction – see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo editors!! Maybe the biggest surprise of the night! They were hilarious; they really didn’t know what to say! “Get out of here”, loved it!
I mean, there were great speeches tonight! Oh and they showed clips. They did the speeches and they showed the scenes. Awesome!
Ok, let’s go! I would love that Emmanuel Lubeszki had won. I actually got a bit scared, would Hugo win everything?
A Separation! What else can be said? It’s so well done, we all can learn from this film, from inside out, from the making of a film to the story telling and then the story itself. And it was the real speech.
'Saving Face' won Best Doc Short. Good.
Curious Fact! The only Doc I missed was the one that won! Great! I believe it was all fair, even though Paradise Lost would be an even more rewarding win. Again, great speech guys! Not so Undefeated.

I love the part when they give the awards for screenwriters and I get to see the letters in the screen has the scene roles. I love it. About the The Descendents win, I think there were even greater scripts beside that one. Moneyball for instance. It was a really intense and rich work, but anyway. WOODY ALLEN, always rocking his attitude. He is undeniably one of the greatest.

Oh, sweet Octavia. I thought she was not going to be able to stand in her feet, really! It’s so deserved, but it would be even more if Jessica Chastain would have won!! But the good part is, SHE’LL BE BACK! I’m sure! And the standing ovation was much deserved too. Beautiful moment.

The standing ovation continuous! Christopher Plummer speech is kind of perfect! I guess not forgetting anyone in the middle, including his partner in crime Ewan McGregor, Mike Mills and his wife, who should won a Nobel Peace Prize for rescuing him every day of his life. I think the moments I enjoyed the most this night was the men thanking their wives. Really!

I love the history made throughout the show. But before that, the Best Performance by an Actor. He sure loves America. I’m actually glad! He did something pretty outstanding in the days that pass. He did something unique. He deserves, yes. The thing is all the five performances are rich. It’s a bummer!
Oh boy, the French people must be celebrating. BEST PICTURE – THE ARTIST
Michelle Hazanavicius forgot his speech right away…it’s only understandable! 

(Oh so French...!) There was a lot of making out in this show!
Again thanking the wives… 

I CAN’T BELIEVE they showed THE RAPE SCENE! Rooney Mara was just having fun. I love her.
Colin Firth: Mama mia…back when he was gay and probably the father of her daughter. They were messy days…hilarious man.

And MERYYYL STREEPPP. So freaking deserving. Good god! FINALLLLLLYYYYYY. After so many years sited in that chair watching fourteen times other actresses take the statue, but it’s not even about that. I don’t care how many times she was nominated, because she simply deserves it! Even in my short life I’ve wondered many times about her speech and finally I freaking listened to it. The Meryl Streep Oscar Speech. The applause, the standing ovation. These are the moments!
"I understand I may never be up here again", said Meryl. No, I don’t think anyone believes in that. You are so coming back. 

That's it, I leave you with Meryl. 

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