Sunday, January 12, 2014

Golden Globes

Is this thing live?
Ok, I'm going to put some deodorant on, 'cause I'm going to start sweating a lot...

Jerry or whatever your name is!! What are you doing there??

What if Tatiana Maslany and clones are the joke (in the good sense), or better, the center of the night?
Why am I even questioning this?
Oh, that and probably Orange is the New Black.

Don't disappoint me, Amy and Tina, I want to hear a great Tatiana and clones' mention, the greater joke, and the bar is pretty high, given that the fandom is already pretty good at it.
And I expect to hear about her more than once.
I can't fucking hardly wait for the fucking monologue. Sorry for the cursing but I just come from watching Wolf Street, which is fucking brilliant.


Calm the fuck down...

Followed by...


Margot Robbie.

Cute authentic moment.
Margot is authentic, is charm, is politeness and pose in person.
Ah, the Australians.
P.S - Or not! Don't want to be discriminatory.

Thanks for making it real Julia.

Elizabeth Moss - TOP OF THE LAKE.
My favorite win so far.

Amy Adams, congratulations.
But god no.
No no no no no.
Julie Delpy - You are perfect, you are talented as fuck, you are intelligent and you don't deserve all the recognition you're not having! But who am I to complain?
I know what you did, many others know too.
Greta Gerwig - I just wish you keep making films like Frances Ha and shows us what's like being real, what's like being honest.

Robin Wright, I'm so happy for her.

I knew it. Jared Leto. It was pretty deserving. But who am I to use the word deserving…Now I’m pretty sure Matthew will be at the stage too.
His performance is an absolute stand out. It's something else, it's absolutely heartbreaking.

The absolute queen.
The best presenter, or whatever, she's just the most authentic person in that place. Learn something Sofia fucking Vergaras...

Meanwhile, you beautiful Tatiana Maslany, you're a winner in our hearts.

"You're a crazy country, but beautiful."
The Great Beauty.

Just a quick note - A reminder that Parks and Rec talent is everywhere in that room.


I am so fucking happy.

Meanwhile - Woody Allen.
I can't stand the part - 'he writes the most remarkable female roles'...meanwhile let's all remember his history with women...He did end up marrying his adopted child. Common.
Like I couldn't fucking stand Jennifer Lawrence say the same thing about Russell, like 'Oh fantastic, I'm going to play a girl going after a guy for the entire fucking movie.'
And this is just the proof that these guys, you know, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Hitchcock, quite recently, Abdellatif Kechiche, they get away with anything.

I almost believed Parks and Recreation would win. Ah.

Hummmm, wouldn't be interesting to see the actor who actually portrays the real Nikki Lauda? You know, give him some praise? Oh no, Chris is way better looking (and famous).

(hears the words American Hustle) Inside vomit.

Cate Blanchett is class.

Matthew McConaughey.

Lets take a moment to remember a film called 12 Years a Slave - this brave, outstanding and glorious film.

But who would have thought this - Matthew McConaughey, a Best Actor Drama winner.

Were they fucking bluffing all along?
Thanks Sarah Paulson! You're sweet.


Oh it's over. Totally forgot about that.

Emma Thompson, I hope to be 1/10 the woman you are.

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