Tuesday, January 7, 2014

TV Retrospect

Halfway through the past year I suggested the small screen work could beat the theater screen. I need to make a mention to TV, not that I watch that many really, it is mostly what I will mention now!

I think the shows I will mention were mostly watched from one punch. If I was placing them by how fast I saw them I would have to start with House of Cards – I just watched the whole thing straight up. It also happened with Orphan Black, The Returned, Last Tango in Paris, which I saw through a couple of days, because I had to sleep. Then I would have to mention Top of Lake and The Fall, shows I would have most definitely have seen in one night, if I had the chance, but it wasn’t available. And then obviously the one I would have seen straight but I couldn’t, which was Orange is the New Black. It is one of those cases, where each day that would went bye I would be moaning ‘I want to see Orange, I want to see Orange.’ Orange orange orange.
Let’s make a list.

My three favorites, it’s impossible to place them.
Top of the Lake
Orange is the New Black
Orphan Black

The Fall
Awesomely rewarding.
The Fosters
House of Cards
Last Tango in Halifax
The Returned
Flawed. New. Also addicting.

The other shows I watched:

Passed my eyes:
Lost Girl
I watched some of it and laughed a lot. It’s freaking hilarious.

Rookie Blue
Passed my eyes as well, it was nice. Gail Peck is a great character.

Highly entertaining. Consumed more or less four seasons in one week but then I just stopped and never saw it again. Don’t think I will.

Skins Fire
The end.

It was the end. It was heartbreaking. Technically speaking, I didn’t dislike it. I was quite at peace with it.

Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey.

Last but not least, the best thing ever:

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