Monday, January 27, 2014

Quote it

"This film is the most deeply personal film I ever made, watching my country change. lt redefined my understanding of what was possible. On the inside, if I learned anything, you have to believe in what's absolutely impossible. For those in (Egypt) who are still fighting on the ground, they still believe what is possible. January 23rd marks the third anniversary of the revolution. We wanted to launch the film in Egypt, but it wasn't cleared by censors. But it has been pirated, copied and uploaded again and again and 750,000 people have seen it in the last couple of days. I called Ahmed (Hassan), one of the main characters, and he told me, 'I can't walk the streets! Girls want to take pictures with me! The film has spread far beyond Cairo to villages you haven't even heard of.' This is the first Egyptian film nominated for an Oscar, and by a woman no less, and so this award means so much."

Jehane Noujaim, DGA Winner, for her documentary The Square.

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