Wednesday, November 12, 2014


America (as in US), do you want a Hero? As you love Heros so much - give an (the) Oscar to this woman called Ava DuVernay. In this case, it is a Heroine, crucial difference, obviously.

Clearly, it will already be a huge deal (and in itself a huge film) IF she gets that Oscar nomination for Best Director for her film Selma. Let alone win the award. A woman, a black woman, between directors - as in a men's world for decades and decades. To remember that only three women were nominated for Best Director, I think, and only one won...over quite the unsettlling controversy, and the fact that they pretty much wanted to get away with the "give it to her so that the Women's barrier is broken". Because the women's state stayed the same.

Sometimes I get amazed how broken the country of United States of America is. So full of unsettling battles for equality, deep ignorance from gender to health to human rights, abuse of power, abuse of money, unrationally and hateful appropriation of the American people, when all at the same time it ends up being this fascinating country so rich in unlikely possiblities. So, as you might accept, dichotomies, or you know, binary approches aren't that healthy, the black and white is a tricky situation to be in.

For me, Ava DuVernay already is a Heroine. She's the example of a wonderful inspiring role model, she's a forward thinking woman, and it is the kind of example that even if she wasn't outspoken, her actions are everything. The right kind of 'show it, don't tell.'
Not only she tells, she shows it with great effect.
So there you go.

It is a beautiful inspiring trailer, it looks so good.
And now premiering at AFI Fest with a wonderful reception, the hopes are high.

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