Thursday, November 6, 2014


Or, teenagers will be teenagers!

It was what I was hoping to be. I appreciate this documentary tremendously because through the journey of this singular young woman, a fifteen year old Dutch traveler, the youngest person to sail around the world alone in two years, called Laura Dekker, tells us a lot about ourselves, about our society, it tells a lot about me and you.
Maidentrip takes us through her journey, through her young life, from being born in New Zealand, when their parents were on a seven year trip, and later on, after the divorce of her parents, the media and political situation that she went through because of her age and the traveling consent and so on and then finally the trip itself and her facing her obstacles both in the sea but also in the heart.
It is revealing of many things and I like that. The way she rebels against her parents, the way she gets annoyed, like all teenagers do, when parents are around, of even being a little ungrateful about some things in life. But as the time passes, and all the time she spends by herself, she starts paying more attention and being more grateful about her journey, her life. With this film, we watch a young woman growing up, maturing, and facing her identity issues. We all go through what we see here, except we are not in the sea, by ourselves, at night, with huge waves to face!
Overall, through Laura Dekker’s journey, we can see all these things we take for granted, things we share in common, no matter where we are in the world, as well as the circumstances…and also shows us that a teenager will always be a teenager!
It is a truly lovely trip.

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