Saturday, November 8, 2014

Writers Roundtable

I look at the release of this Writers Roundtable as unexpected, because I don’t even realize that it is November, and in no time Awards and nominations and critics choices will begin hitting the season hard. I know it already started but this year, I come in a different state. I still follow the season, but not as thoroughly as I used to over the past few years and so when I suddenly see these Oscar Roundtables I’m hit with the season’s choices…But the truth is that some things never change, and in this case, another solo woman between dudes.

Gillian owning it between the dudes.

I find this Roundtable a little bit uninspiring, personally, because they start to ramble a little too much about insecurities, and being in the business, the Hollywood business, and maybe a little too much men’s egos and insecurities involved and at the same time I can understand the truth and honest in it and I get that politics and money issues and how hard it is to make a film wherever you are in the world, but also I’m not really into the Nolan’s insights about “Oh, I didn’t choose to be a writer’ blahblahblah, I’m a Nolan, I’m a white dude so I do whatever the fuck I want…and I can hear Gillian not giving a fuck about what these guys are saying sometimes…

“It’s paralyzingly difficult. It’s one of the things, you know, there are writers who like writing and there are writers who don’t, I fucking hate writing but I haven’t came up with anything else to do for a living.” – This is the uninspiring part of Nolan talking but then this is good – “I find it difficult because I’m always aware when it is not good and most of it is not good and then you keep working and you keep working, you know, your work day is six hours, everyone’s process is a little different but you know five and half of it is garbage and you have to go back and do it all over again…”

I liked the part about a film not being perfect and the unhappy endings.

"I love unhappy endings. I’m all about the unhappy ending, like I will not give you what you want. It's not the most satisfying, it's the most correct and true. I remember being 5 years old, seeing that movie in theaters and first they lose, and you think, 'What's happening now? They lost.' And then the team comes over and apologizes, and you expect the Bad News Bears to gracefully accept their apology, and instead the kid's like, 'Take your trophy and stick it up your ass!' And I was like, 'This movie is great!'”.

There’s always things you can take from these roundtables, even though they’re not ‘inspiring’.

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