Saturday, June 11, 2011

Crush on her

Rosamund Pike

There’s something about her presence that is so delicate, her voice is charming and wonderful. She's lightness and she’s what we idealize of a classy British woman.

I have not seen much of her work. She actually started as a Bond Girl (I don’t know if you still remember that film).  I didn’t appreciate the film very much but I certainly appreciate this three:

In ‘An Education’ she plays Helen, a woman rich in appearance but poor in mind. She ends up being a cold woman, but bottom line – classy all the way.

 With Made in Dagenham she plays a woman with a degree from Oxford University but her life resumes has being a wife and a mother with no permission to have a point of view of her own, in a society governed by men.

Rosamund Pike studied English Literature from Oxford University but she decided to lead her life in another direction.

In ‘Barney’s Version’ just took a look at her to make Baney fall in love with her.

But my favorite film of Rosamund Pike has to be - Pride and Prejudice.

Not because is my favorite film (!) but I think Joe Wright did an amazing choice of casting. 
Her character is delicate and fragile, shy and pure; she’s the beloved sister of Elizabeth Bennet.

 Now that I mention Pride and Prejudice, I feel like seeing it for the thirtieth time…

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