Tuesday, June 21, 2011

High School Themed Films - Part I

Fucking Âmal 

I really enjoy seeing good (‘Water Lilies’, ‘Easy A’, ‘The Class’, ‘Speak’) teenage dramas, there are always so much to tell. It’s always a delicate subject because is that precious times when teens are realizing who they are and what to study and what to be in life when they didn’t even figure it out who they really are.
Films like ‘Fucking Âmal’ are great. It shows us a very fragile moment, like I said when boys and girls have to imagine where they want to be in ten years. Even though I think if a bad decision is made, when twenty seven year olds are not glad, I think it’s possible they can change they lives but sometimes people don’t realize that and end up regretting the decisions they made when they were teens instead of change.

A few things come to mine when I talk about a teenage film: high school, a consistent self dramatization (crying, low self esteem), and parties at night that parents prohibit but they still go, always undecided, always bored. It’s also very likely that you hear the word hate and unfair really often and life or them together like, “It’s not fair, I hate my life”.
This film deals with two girls in particular – one is the blond popular girl in school; she’s continuously bored, she only sees tedium around her. The other, the quiet and shy girl; she’s also bored, but in a melancholic (or depressed) moment. She’s also in love with the pretty blond girl.
In a very entertaining way ‘Fucking Âmal’ deals with everything I mentioned before. It deals really well with reality sometimes; when the blond girl talks about being sick of her town (the title ‘Fucking Amal’), people asking her what she wants to study, her search to know herself and the effort to make her own decisions, also deals with lesbianism on the other side and it’s incredibly funny too. It was a very clever film and just genuine!

Next - Water Lilies.

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