Friday, June 17, 2011

"Rendez-vous" - Personally Speaking

A film by André Techiné.

To ask questions, that is…the question. I will be talking about life or should I say the bridge between cinema and life.
After watching this film what I’m interpreting and want to conclude in first hand (although it's wrongness) is that the less you think the more you live. In a first perspective it seems easy and even foolish to conclude this. It’s life knowledge that the more distracted you are enjoying something the faster time goes by. But, there you have it. As simple as it gets, life is not for you to think is to live. How easy can this be said?
It’s like this endless and ‘stupid’ question by a poet – does life has a meaning or an existence – I see it this way – existence being eternal and meaning being the now; so I go for the now, cause…there’s only now.  
Personally speaking I over think, way too much; way to the thin line, most of the time unnecessarily (obviously). I also have this constant feeling that I don’t live. I over analyze, I over question everything, I over think. Going to the deep privacy of things, I don’t take much action; I don’t have many conflicts; if ever I have them as in real conflicts not selfish insightful bullshit. Basically because I’m afraid of going out there and get hurt, really hurt and learn how to live with it, and then I over think about it. But are the people going out there, to a foreign place and live, can think that way? Analyzing at least how they see certain acts and how they live certain moments? The question is – is it possible to be both? My guess is that they think, but their thinking is not as insightful as it is some other types of thinking and for sure it is most of it taken for granted. That’s the biggest difference.
Here arises the explanation to the wrongness I mentioned in the beginning – it is essential to think (it’s impossible not to think, right?) but with quality and not that insightful and self-pity bullshit I mentioned, because that leads nowhere. In order to move forward you have to take a decision in the conflict you are in the moment In order to achieve the goal you defined from the begging. And you have to do it constantly.
There are many types of thinking; there’s the smart one, there’s the intelligent one, there’s the gifted one, there’s the standard one (also could be said normal but it seems to be an empty word); I guess my thinking lies in the weakness division sometimes. Not only they’re weak thoughts but they also make me weak. But there’s definitely a balance. I get over it!
All this leads to something it’s killing me nowadays more than before and always will: this world’s union of opposites. It’s the most persuasive force. It’s like it’s never good or stable on one side, there’s always the other fighting for getting included. It is nerve wrecking because it makes me undecided all the time. But it’s also what is supposed to give meaning to the word balance. And like I was talking earlier, you see now, the now it is the perfect balance. I have to say this shit rules the world. There’s really nothing most certain than that, Union of opposites.

I don't know how did I got to write all thit just from watching 'Rendez-vous'...

In this film, Juliette Binoche asks why Romeo and Juliet loved each other. The other character answers: “Why they love each other? Why they don’t love each other?” and goes further, “Why they are enemies? Questions serve for nothing”. These two characters both look for the truth beyond appearances and trough appearances. (A critic said).
You can just agree to disagree. 

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