Friday, June 24, 2011

High School Themed Films - Part II

Water Lilies
Written and Directed by Céline Sciamma, Water Liles is a tale of virgin feelings.

It’s summer, there’s no school and kids look for a distraction. Marie is a friend of Anne who swims in the same pool of Floriane. Marie watches Floriane in her synchronized swimming and then passes her in the swimming pool corridors. She’s suddenly running after her, waiting for her, looking at her, being with her. This three girls purchase their different instincts and desires in their own way. They don’t know if it is love and they don’t know how to express their feelings. 

I love when a movie get’s my attention completely, when I get stoned by it, when I get completely lost in another world. ‘Water Lilies’ had that impact since the first minute.
The characters created that impact. There’s something about this story, about Marie and Floriane. There is a name to it, Adele. This young woman makes me stop believe in fairness for a moment because her character and her beauty are so unbelievable, I couldn’t stand. I say Adele because she’s the one who carries that beauty; she’s the one that makes her character so threatening. She’s fatal to me and she’s fatal to Marie. She knows it and she knows how to manage it right. She is provocative and hurts to look at. 

What I think is so amazing about this story is the final scene and what concludes – while Floriane thought she might had a truthful friendship she is disappointed because Marie is just like the other guys, wants her. The final scene she gives what everybody wants from her. Florianne kisses Marie and goes away. This is in a way  a simple teenage story but incredibly timeless.

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