Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Generation - Part I

Despite hair color and plus an international view - that's what we'll probably be looking at the next years. They are promising...

Rooney Mara
It is obvious to mention "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". Though, it seems to be an essential test of trust.

Felicity Jones
She won a prize in Sundance for her work in "Like Crazy". 

Kaya Scodelario
Is she another British talent? Her intoxication character named "Effy" can be an early test. But let's wait and see what comes after "Skins". "Wuthering Heights" is promising.

Juno Temple
Acting runs in her DNA. From "Notes on a Scandal" to "St. Trinian's" to "Kaboom". I'm especially interested in "Little Birds" and "Jack and Diane" (this one seems promising some controversy because of its straightforwardness).

Emma Stone
She's already someone we can trust of having a good time.

Lea Seydoux
I already talked about her stunning performance in "Le Belle Personne". She is a rising star. She got to do "Midnight in Paris", really intellingent of her. Now she's in another american film "Mission Impossible - Something". And she has a film with Diane Kruger and Virgine Ledoyen. I just don't get to see lot of french actresses doing Hollywood work. She seems intended to do so. Better for me, I have the chance of watching her in the big screen!

There are more to come.

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