Friday, August 24, 2012

Freja Beha, I still know how to pronounce your name

I’m going off topic here but still in the realms of visual observation of motion images in a screen, more specifically in a computer.
My sister calls me the other day to see this.

And then I’m like, “Don’t make a stupid face, don’t make a stupid face”, while I was making a stupid face. First of all, my sister is awesome; second of all I started to feel heated up so I had to leave the bedroom to breathe right after it ended.

God, she might as well get a job for the rest of her life, are my thoughts.
Would it be a complete fail if I say that she is in every way cinematic? If you know what I mean, like says one of her tattoos, she just floats lightly. She is as natural as her cheekbones.

Sorry if I wasted your time with this, though. 

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