Monday, August 20, 2012

New Generation - Part V

And I'm back with new kids! Here's some I've been gathering, i mean, they have been gathering all the work.

Julia Garner.

She is a possible, not possible, indie sweetheart. Her first feature film is Martha Marcy May Marlene. Don’t complain about being a secondary role because we have plenty from her from now one. It’s about ten! In Electrick Children, she plays the protagonist. But there are a lot more and I’m looking forward.

Imogen Poots.

She’s a British actress that has been jumping from Indies like Cracks (which I think she was one of the stand outs of the film) to blockbusters like Centurion. I think most of her work is actually from Hollywood. But this year and the next she seems to be having a lot of work in her hands. There’s already the trailer for Comes a Bright Day. A Late Quartet, premiering in Toronto. Filth, a drama she’s starring with James McAvoy. All Is by My Side, a biopic on Jimi Hendrix. We already have been seeing her in Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups. There’s a lot to be seen and the future looks bright for her.

Sarah Gadon.

This Canadian born goddess seems to be acting since she’s a young kid. A student at the University of Toronto, she still gathered the time to appear on the two last films by David Cronenberg, and also the feature debut by his son, Brandon Cronenberg. I think it’s safe to say that the Cronenbergs have lunched her officially to the Hollywood scene, for good or for worst. I still want to see The Moth Diaries. She’ll be in the new film by director Denis Villeneuve, who did Incendies. Sarah Gadon is obviously drop dead gorgeous but I also feel a sense of an old fashion class towards her, I don’t know! 

Jessica Brown Findlay.

Should I even mention her at all? She looks as good in a costume as in a rebel mood from the Twentieth First Century. She already scored a big Hollywood film, beating Sarah Gadon and Elizabeth Olsen! This one is called Winter’s Tale. The other film is called Shoplifters of the World, which sounds really interesting, based on true events. There’s also a drama called Lullaby, the writer/director was able to gather a pretty impressive group of actors, for that matter in particular, it must be quite the original story.  It’s interesting because it’s just unknown; it’s hard to say how her career will float. Is she going on a costumes road? Let’s say, like Keira Knightley? It will be interesting to see her future choices! One thing is certain, she has the tools, and maybe the fact that she’s too pretty will hopefully challenge her to choose the right screenplays (given that she’ll probably be reading a lot of “beautiful and bright but fragile and unstable girlfriend”, “The attractive but mysterious neighbor challenges the world of the male protagonist” type of roles.)

Dane DeHaan.

Wow, there’s a boy in here! Let me tell you, honestly I haven’t seen anything from him and yet I have total trust. He just seems to be the boy with a serious and down to earth posture, I look at him and there’s no handsome looking young actor with seemingly no brains (no, sorry, I’m not picturing Kellan Lutz in my head). He won an off-Broadway prestigious award, he’s been in television, he’s been the lead in a Hollywood Teen Blockbuster, and now he’s in Jack and Diane with Juno Temple. He’ll be having a role in the new Derek Cianfrance’s film, The Place Beyond the Pines. Devil’s Knot, directed by Atom Egoyan. Kill Your Darlings, already posted images of the film, it is obviously daring. So yeah, I’m looking forward and I’ll probably start with Lawless.

Quvenzhané Wallis.
No, seriously, is it too early? Yeah, it probably is but I surely have my faith on her and on her film Beasts of the Southern Wild. 

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