Thursday, August 2, 2012

Games, Day 6

I'm sure everyone is using this sentence, but here it goes: watching history live is quite surreal.
And today, where to begin?

Rebecca Soni broke the World Record twice in two days and becomes the first female swimmer in history to go under the 2.20.00 minutes at the 200 meters breaststroke. So many guys around this world whished to have that time in freestyle! She did 2.19.59 minutes. It was clearly one of the greastest events:

World Record.
Asian Record.
European Record.

Michael Phelps becomes the first swimmer ever to win a gold medal three times in a row in the same event (200 meters individual medley) in the Olympic Games. Not to mention the medals. I said earlier he was the greatest athlete, obviously this is foolish. He is clearly one of the greatest, not the one, but one of the greastest. About being the greastest swimmer, that might be really the one, the greatest. 
But of course I wouldn't be surprised if one of these days Lochte would break his Medals record number.

There was a lot of shouting around me, or it was just me (?) and then I change the channel in the finish stroke...
And after breaking just another historical record he goes right back to his pool! The water, Michael Phelps' best friend.

And then we hear the National Anthem of the United States of America like we're the freaking americans (THE LAAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE). 

Irie is the man, I'm just saying. This backstroke man should have won! But these american dudes and their underwater work, it's like they're cheating. I'm obviosuly joking, because clearly that was not enough for Lochte.

Kromowidjojo's reaction after breaking the Olympic Record yesterday (see above).
Kromowidjojo's reaction after winning the gold metal today: "I know I could do better". She's going for the most self underrated win...

But returning to the Historic side of things.

In gymnastics, Gabrielle Douglas, at the age of sixteen, wins the gold medal in the individual all-around and becomes the first African-American woman and first woman of color to win the event. And the event was so competitive, like nothing else mattered but to prove her value. What a lesson.

Today was Clijsters' last game in grass, officially and competitively speaking. It was quite disturbing, because she lost.

"Noooooooo, please stay."

 Five Gold Medals for Sir Chris How, also a new World Record.

What did they eat? The USA basketball team against Nigeria - it was like they were playing around, except that they score these numbers 153-73. And seriously, it isn't half of the half of the numbers you should be taking consideration for. Apparently, the score is now the largest in the Olympic Basketball history. Supernatural, it's what I would call, but clearly I'm not an expert! And there was time for dancing and everthing. Nigeria played really good too. It was a "cool" game...but I can't even imagine how those who really know this sport must have felt.
Here are the numbers according to Wikipedia: including Olympic and National Records here, most points (156), biggest margin of victory (83 points), best individual score (37 by Anthony), and most 3-point shots made (29, which more than doubled the previous mark). All twelve players scored, and eight of them had at least 9 points.

I'm sure I'm missing lots of stuff, just from Day 6...

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