Friday, August 24, 2012

Parks and...

You know, sometimes I just do stuff...I don't know what I'm saying, so I will just share this with you (shamefully). The next few images feature Parks and Recreation and probably the most unexpected fusion you can think of. There was once Parks and Game of Thrones, I give you Parks and USWNT (in other letters, the United States Women's National Soccer).

It's just that these are probably my favorite faces, ever.
And its fusion it's just explosive.

Then put them around Retrievers and we get this.

I really thought there was no face like Hope Solo's bitch face...but then I thought again...
It's just an hopeless case...

Everytime I think of Tobin Heath...I put my finger like Swanson's and just say Tobin Heath!!

Anyway, I'm the hopeless case.
And if you at least laugh at this, then great!

P.S., All the great work I had done here was greatly done on Paint.
This is how good I am.

P.S.S., all this to conclude that Parks and Recreation is always on my mind.

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