Saturday, August 4, 2012

Games, Day 8

It's been a pleasure. That is all.


  1. Have you gotten sick of the Americans winning everything? Is that why you haven't posted in days?

  2. No way! I would never get sick of them and hearing their national anthem at least three times a day! I admire them even more, because they're the most expected top athletes and I know they work even harder! I really admire them.
    I don't know, I do keep watching the Olympics 24/7!
    The United States Women's Soccer win meant the world to me ;)

    Maybe I will do a final post on the Olympics, it's my duty.

  3. Though I am an American, I am a little bored with the Americans winning everything. Clearly I do cheer for them, but our coverage is all American. I am finding more interest in the other countries. I wish they would show more of the other countries here. The coverage is horrible here, there is no watching it 24/7. Pretty bummed about that. Im sad it is all over tomorrow.

  4. That's pretty understandable.
    There's definitely more diversity here in Europe (it makes sense), even though obviously there's more focus in some sports then others.
    It's a bummer, because it's really interesting to look at the diversity ;)
    I'm now onto the Closing Ceremony, it's pretty sad but I'm looking forward ;)

  5. I'm still waiting for the closing ceremonies to come on. I will say that I feel like this year I can see "globalization" in this olympics. I do feel like over all I have seen more true sportsmanship and support in this olympics. It seems like it competition with the utmost respect. Granted there were some racists texts that surfaced, but it seemed over all that this olympics was about the world really coming together to show our unity as opposed to our differences. 2 more years for winter 4 more years to summer Can't wait. : )