Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Magic Mike

Directed by Steven Soderbergh.
Written by Reid Carolin.

The whole experience of Magic Mike started way before the film start. The group, including myself, looks at the people; so who’s coming to see this film^? We’re looking for possible perverts, cougars (oh, so unpleasant). Two men walk together to their sits and we look at each other suspiciously. My friend had just said or questioned really, who the guy is coming to see this film, she had already seen it and she was looking for the men’s interest in seeing this film. Good question. Why I am watching the film, for once?

So the moment came, the so awaited film of the year (like I said at the beginning of the year!) the film starts, everyone is pretty excited, you know those noises women do. I don’t know what hit my mom but she couldn’t stop laughing at the first stripteases show, she later told me it was The Kid’s boxers that made her laugh like that.
As the film progresses, I realize the story is really about the lives of strippers, it’s about the world surrounding them. We have our own talented Magic Mike who’s trying to find his own legit road, trying to get out of this world and we have the newcomer and promising talent with The Kid, who’s trying to find his own road but without thinking of collateral side effects.
Like everyone else, I create my story and conclusions out of Magic Mike, it may get closer to what they were trying to say, but at the end I think everyone realizes the cycle we see in Magic Mike and The Kid’s, where one ends and another starts, it’s like passing the torch to a new version.

 Matthew stealing the show, is it too wrong saying this?

The final scenes of this film kind of messed my mind briefly as the film ends. Until the last moments, we are presented with as much of an authentic approach to this world as they are willing. My mom laughed so hard because The Kid’s boxers were those known used and without elastic kind of boxers she must have washed many times to her son. In a way, the film always tried to use authentic ways to makes us laugh, to makes us believe. The environment in the backstage, we could see through wide shots everyone preparing for the show and talking in the meantime. The moment when Mike and The Kid, Adam jump the bridge and the whole meaning about this scene of a young adult trying to find his way, trying to hold on to something. The conservations between Mike and Brooke, and her laughs that annoyed some girls behind me, when I had to hear typical girl’s responses like, “God, she’s so annoying, what a stupid laugh”. The use of colors in some sequences and the connection with the soundtrack. So when we see that talk between Mike and Brooke questions my mind set for a moment, it was like we suddenly had jumped to a romantic comedy. But the film as a whole is brave in taking this theme in particular and makes it as dignified as possible.

Part of my excitement for this film was really to see people’s reactions, to go to a theater and hear people’s reactions (even though I hate to hear it on a regular bases, obviously), it was my mom’s reactions, which by the way she loved the film and the kid, Alex Pettyfer. The day after she asks me to show her the trailers and that she really wants to see it again. I wonder if the male couples in the theater had enjoyed it, because I did. I was glad it had a story. I was also excited to see Olivia Munn but the one who really ruled the fuck out was Matthew McConaughey, like I would say, he was the king. It was really the connection of his own charisma and this character, the balance of Dallas’s seriousness and loose seriousness on the dancing part is of a great sobriety. Oh it would not be fair to not mention the mind behind all this, the one you cannot dislike, Channing Tatum! I can say I’m his generation…I remember perfectly when I saw She’s the Man in the theater and giggled a lot at him and even had a lot of fun with the film…that’s how I am part of his generation!

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