Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crush on Her

This is a Crush on Them Edition!
I just love French actresses; wait let me correct myself, I love Francophone actresses. It’s all about talent. So I’m going to post a random but totally meaningful selection of actresses that I love and admire. In other words, have a crush on.

Céline Sallette. The way she carried this character’s perpetual melancholy in L’Apollonide, she kind of broke my heart. She’s in Rust and Bone and that’s one of the many other reasons why I’m looking forward to see the film.

Julie Depardieu. I think I love her, without even knowing her, without hearing her speak and without watching almost any films with her. I see her as this crazy and bright woman with an openness that I think has this great balance of conscious, of rebellion and tolerance. I’m sorry, but I must post some of her clothes collections! And she also looks good with blond, red, brown or whatever hair color.

And these were the less extravagant choices.

Emmannuelle Seigner. This is an old thing. There’s something to do with her face, sometimes there are moments that looks frightening and often times it’s just stunning.

Emmanuelle Devos. One of the other Emmanuelles. I think she’s class, all the way.

Marie-Josée Croze. Watching The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was enough for me but then I saw her in Munich (and her round breasts being shot at)…A Canadian star.

The Belgians
Émilie Dequenne. I have a strong feeling that she’s one of those actresses that just takes your breath away. I’ve only seen bits of La Fille du RER, I’m hoping to see many more soon. Her recent Belgium film, À perdre la raison, just been submitted for the Oscar of Best Foreign Language Film.

Cécile De France. I love her. She’s so real. That’s my thought when I think of her. She’s authentic. I think I already mentioned this hilarious scene in Les Poupées Russes, again it’s so genuine. She’s really cute in Fauteuils d'orchestre. She’s really credible in Hereafter and The Kid with a Bike. Anyway, I think I already mentioned all this before!

Marina Fois is fearless and blunt.

Karin Viard comic timings are tremendous. I loved her in Potiche! And I loved them together in Polisse:

Karole Rocher is crazy. Pretty much! 

This could also be an appreciation post to Maiween’s Polisse. I think that’s what I’m going to do next. 

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