Sunday, September 23, 2012

Emmys, first (and only) reactions

The sketch – Oh Lena! She's really becoming a thing, a hit, or whatever you wanna name it. It's been obvious, I know.

I was getting sad for not seeing Emilia’s beautiful eyes but there she is...

Oh fuck Modern Family, seriously? Ok, moving on.
Louie, wow congrats, big deal. I really have to see this show. I really liked what I saw; need to catch up on that. Sad that Parks and Recreation didn’t get anything. I really need to get over this.

Another WTF moment: doing the same stereotype role forever and twenty five seasons later he wins. This is definitely a representation that is never too late. Now, seriously, is this bug? I don’t understand it. I'm refering to that guy from that series it used to be Charlie Sheen's show.

Arrrgggh it’s so unfair (I really sound like a kid). I knew it. Veep is fun, but seriously I only have eyes for one thing. Amy Poehler rules, even not winning she rules. She’s the winner and I’m just going to pretend that she won. I can’t believe it. I love you Amy. Love you. (But it still hurts…)

Amy Poehler, ladies and gentlemen.

I really feel like the British should win everything. I wanted that.

Seth McFarlane – Was that a joke?
DRAMA. I just wished Downton Abbey would win everything. (Grey’s Anatomy always kicking.) Oh I loved Nathaniel’s (The Film Experience) joke about Claire Danes going to have boobs in a few months! He made me laugh.

Wow. Homeland. We have a winner.

Meanwhile, I can’t believe it. Again. Maggie Smith won again. I actually feel bad for Christina Hendricks even if I haven’t seen her show. Really. But what can we do about it? Every time Maggie Smith talks I burst in excitement.

OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD. So unexpected. I AM GOING TO FINALLY HEAR HIS BRITISH ACCENT. Band of Brothers forever. This sounds really cheesy and trivial, using the word forever, but it is my favorite show of all time. Really, it is. But yeah, awesome awesome. Cool speech too. Loved the accent. "Emma".

But yes, how unexpected, right Claire? You looked really surprised. OH MANDY. I love his character and I love his performance. 

“My baby daddy”.

Oh, hi!

Jimmy Kimmel you’re really not funny. And the show is really boring. Moving on.

Jane Levy, the cutest. “AZIZ”, stop doing that!

 Jessica Lange wins literally everything she’s nominated for. Good for her.

The music. Oh my god that is so unfortunate. I’m not paying any attention to this anymore. I just want to see Julianne Moore at this point. 

I’m completely off. I’m watching Parks and Rec. I’m killing myself every time I watch these two pictures.

This will happen. Oh my god, this will happen. I can't even begin to feel how ****** ...I have no words...

Just went back for a couple of minutes: I love you Julianne Moore. I admire you, I respect you, and you’re a rare package of talent, insight and beauty.

Do I tolerate, care, get affected by these aspects that come along the entertainment industry of filmmaking, of storytelling (which includes the red carpets and the fashion publicity around it, unnecessary bad jokes, irrelevant words...)? I don't. Like this one convincing big no:

I just want Parks and Rec...and other outstanding shows/films that makes me weep on many different emotional levels.

P.S: Oh, I think I'm having a Claire Danes moment. 
I'm definitely having a Claire Danes moment.

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