Saturday, September 1, 2012

Melanie Lynskey, guest blogger

Hey, what’s up?
You’ve probably heard of some guess posting over at The Film Experience, you probably read it already but I’ll go on and give it a word and just say that Melanie Lynskey was one of the guests and you should definitely check out what she wrote and made other friends write.

Oh and she’s also a very actresssexual human being!

She is one awesome truly amazing spirited person. She gathered ten films she ‘had to own, it was important’ that goes from The Pianist to Gigli. She shared some very lovely photos of her and some of her colleagues and co-workers. She even made other actors, directors, and artists share love letters. I think this was one of the most interesting readings because you get to know these men and women's mutual passion for their art. At the end of the day it sort of reminds you why we enjoy this form of storytelling and acting so much. They're just as equally crazy for films/stories and actors as we are! Plus, she has a bunch of films in post-production with awesome people.
Please, do click here.

"Wet Hot America Summer"
I don't know how I let this one pass.

Hello I Must be Going
Again, dying to see this one.

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